Firefox 7.0 CSS Style

Firefox 7.0 CSS Style 1       

How my browser used to look in 2011, with my custom css theme covering Firefox and various extensions (It got better but I don’t have any old screenshots to show the other designs that came before and after this screenshot I still have from the back then).

Also came close to releasing it on the extension website as fully packaged theme, probably would have been good seeing as the css covered multiple extensions to make everything look good and cohesive. The problem with Firefox is that after Firefox 4.0, Mozilla became mentally retarded and started releasing Firefox versions on the same release cycle as Google Chrome, which as we know has an absolute garbage GUI that cannot be styled properly, neither can developers make extensions that enhance the ‘chrome’ frontend  either… so all negative for Google users.

While Firefox has a  powerful and editable GUI, unfortunately it is an overly complex mess for multiple OS platforms that all need separate XUL an CSS code, combined with the retardedness of trying to push release updates out more regular while making lots of changes to the codebase (bug fixes, frontend designer idiots making often crap changes etc). It basically was just an exercise in fixing your custom theme with every minor and major change they did to there own base GUI theme.  Releasing a free theme is one thing, maintaining it, packaging it up for every update Mozilla throw out is whole nuther problem I had zero interest in doing for free.

Never as good as KGL Style either, but good enough for me 🙂

Also yeah I used at least 70 extensions back then. And alot more custom button scripts, and userscripts (greasemonkey) scripts that I might start posting the ones I coded in a ‘Script’ section, just not that many of them are much use though in the enhanced functionality I added, seeing as so many of the websites have changed or gone from the internets.

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