KGL Style Light

Based on KGL Style  this was the light gui skin version for Maxthon2 I created after the original, it never got released. Probably would have been as popular if not more so than the original personally. Still as I never released it, that also means the graphics I made for it are lost (nothing that couldn’t be redone of course.) Still this remaining printed version that I  scanned in is about as close to the graphics that I have for it right now until I make something new and even better for another browser that deserves it.

And I actually ended up using this one browser theme most the time until I switched to Firefox 4.0 as Maxthon2 eventually started to lag behind in the browser extensions and rendering webstandards for the internet back then. Doing a similar GUI theme for Firefox was just not the same, where Maxthon developers really understood the finer points of providing a graphics styling engine, before its time really with 9slice image splitting for gui elements aswel. While Mozilla Firefox at 3.5 got improved CSS support it was a totally different way of styling a web browser, in some ways the most powerful (and still is as of 2017 with newer CSS extensions improving the baseline of what is possible)  but in other ways completely inept and not elegant in its layout of browser elements. Of course to do a skin like this or the other for Firefox now would be alot easier. Still Maxthon made skinning and styling a web browser a complete joy to work on, its plugin engine was also home to some excellent addons that still to this day have never been done or improved on in any other browser. Other areas of the browser functionality brought a lot of things before any other browser ever caught on. Google Chrome was pretty much rip off of Maxthon3, which was out a year earlier alpha and demo’d most the design choices you see in Chrome right now.

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