SilentEnd – Short 3D Animation


SilentEnd - Short 3D Animation SilentEnd - Short 3D Animation 2

My very first 3d animation, just about everything was modelled, textured, and animated using Discreet (before Autodesk bought them up) 3DS Max 6.0 and Adobe Photoshop 7.0 (Excluding a few city building/textures and the sound/music that was used in it.)

Using Adobe After Effects to bring all the rendered clips and do the intro and credit screen animations. Adobe Audition for doing the sound editing really wasn’t that much sound work on this.

SilentEnd - Short 3D Animation 3 SilentEnd - Short 3D Animation 4

The BMW Z3 car took the longest time to 3D model, texture and setup materials for, while making part of the city was probably the fun part. The car tires were even animated though most the chosen camera angles never really showed it. The biggest derp in doing the project was animating the car paths on the wrong side of the road lol .. I had done the road textures already, however I spent most the time in 3dsmax with the textures off in viewport.

I remember trying to render all this out before the deadline.. did I do it in time, yup.. Only after switching to using multiple batch renders on different computers and rendering all night. It’s surprising looking at it now and how easier it is to achieve that rendering quality, when back then just rendering 1 frame could take like 1-5minutes on a top end machine for that time period 2004.

Storyline? Characters? I don’t even remember what the point of it all was, really just a show off on the car and city I had made.. the river water dynamics wasn’t too bad either and yet I almost had to take out to save time on the rendering  before deadline 🙂

Sadly I lost the entire project and going back to finish the city and do something better with it never happened. I also switched to learning and using Maya and kind of stuck with that as the preferred software of choice after this first 3D animation project.


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