noblechairs 4k wallpaper 5

noblechairs 4k wallpaper

A bunch of different 4k resolution wallpapers for noblechairs.    

7 Days To Die Server Mods 14

7 Days To Die C# Server Mods 6

Minecraft Votechecker

Minecraft Votechecker 1

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HTTPS SSL LetsEncrypt with Apache and

September 5, 2017 Koolio // Leave a Comment

Figured I would do this guide for getting a free SSL certificate using the popular organization. Having set it up for this website using this particular way. Part of this guide is from which is the script I’ll be using to automate the SSL certificate registration with letsencrypt servers. However ...

First blog entry

August 25, 2017 Koolio // Leave a Comment

Still writing and adding more content and past creative portfolio work that I’ve done (atleast the bits I still have around, alot has been lost sadly).  Going from the oldest to newest while also polishing up more of the website. Will have a new blog post up when it’s all done, for ...