3D Bird Short Animation


Just a short animation I did with cartoon bird I modelled in Maya, his character name was ‘buddy’.

3D 2

Was done during the time I was getting more familiar with Maya’s animation system and other connected parts such as the dynamic cloth solver plugin, which was how the character ended up with a headband 🙂

Then of course I needed the character to move in such a way to actually test the cloth functionality such as how the cloth is pinned to his head, to see how that would be effected other wind and movement dynamics. So that’s howcome the bird was animated into doing a backflip off a basic bench.



Just something I salvaged from an old email account where I had emailed this animation to someone else. I mention it because alot of this old portfolio stuff are really just small bits and pieces that survived on the internet and I’ve been able to find again. Someday I’ll write about  what happened  to lose so much of the pre 2010 stuff that I had created including multiple backups of the backups,  in the end shit can just happen and even stuff on the internet can disappear without a moments notice. Sometimes it just all happens in such a short period of time there is nothing you can do.


3D 3 3D 1

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