Koogle.co.uk 1

Description: My very first portfolio website, this was also part of a college project done in 2004

Created with: Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, HTML, CSS

The website was mainly designed using Flash for the top and side menu. At the time Adobe was also trying out a new api for Flash that allowed .swf objects to cross communicate on while they were loaded on the same page, this opened up some new ideas for me to utilize. So the main content area was an iframe while the top frame had the main header flash .swf object that provided the functionality of being both the interactive menu and a background music player, and the sideframe had just the submenu .swf object.

Using the new api in Flash for cross communicating objects, the main menu would set the changes for the sub menu that was on the side of the page. In this way changing the content of the iframe was quick whilst the top and side parts of the side always remained giving the user a much faster way to go through the websites content, that was a very unique for the time. Though the implementation of a such a menu system could have been done with JavaScript. Flash was just alot nicer to use at the time before mainy of JavaScripts more useful frameworks that are out now, that and Flash just provided a lot more ways to add interaction and polish alot quicker.


Most of this website and portfolio contained on it have all been lost, parts of this new website Koolio.net feature some of the remaining bits and pieces of my pre 2010 portfolio of web/design/3d related work going back to college. What bits I have got have all been salvaged off the waybackmachine which sadly never got most my work at least in checking it now. When the backups of the backups and off site backups all fail and shit just happens.. well if there anything to learn from it, share more ┬áso others have you work and do even more backups ­čÖé

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